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15-17 December 2023 

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​About conference

Edwin Incorporation is thrilled to announce our upcoming conference on the theme of "Paradigm Shifts and Evolving Trends in Synthesizing Realms of Studies and Its Impact on Society."This highly anticipated event will take place in a hybrid mode, allowing participants to attend both in person and virtually.

Date: December 15-18, 2023 Venue: Hult International Business School, London, UK (In-person) Virtual Platform: Online (Accessible globally)

This conference aims to bring together scholars, researchers, practitioners, and experts from various fields to explore the dynamic landscape of knowledge synthesis and its profound influence on society. Whether you prefer attending in person or joining virtually, you can be part of this transformative event.

Our carefully curated program will feature engaging keynote speeches, plenary sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops led by esteemed experts. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research findings, exchange ideas, and engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, regardless of their physical location.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Emerging trends in academia and their societal implications
  • Interdisciplinary approaches in research and problem-solving
  • Technological advancements and their impact on knowledge synthesis
  • Socio-cultural transformations and their influence on studies and practices
  • Ethical considerations in cross-disciplinary collaborations
  • Best practices in integrating diverse fields for holistic solutions
  • The role of education in fostering interdisciplinary thinking

Whether you choose to attend in person or virtually, this conference offers a platform for intellectual growth, networking, and collaboration. Benefit from the collective wisdom of scholars and professionals from around the world and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your field.

Stay tuned for further details regarding registration, submission guidelines, and the conference program, which will be made available on our website. We encourage you to save the dates and join us for this unique hybrid conference experience.

Should you have any inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our conference organizing committee. We are here to assist you and ensure your participation in this extraordinary event is seamless and rewarding.

We look forward to welcoming you to the "Paradigm Shifts and Evolving Trends in Synthesizing Realms of Studies and Its Impact on Society" conference, where we will come together to explore the evolving realms of studies and their profound impact on society.,

We count on your support for a successful Conference and looking forward your contribution and participation in the same. The Selected papers will be published in ‘International Journal –Indexed in Scopus/Web of Science/ ADBC/UGC Care Journals

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​Call For Papers

We are excited to announce a call for original research papers in various disciplines that encompass Feminism, Culture, Education & Language Studies, targeting research scholars, faculty members, and scientists. This call for papers encourages contributions in diverse fields such as Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology, Demography, Economics, Geography (human), History, International Relations, Jurisprudence, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Political Science, Psychology, Science Education, Sociology, Public Administration, Journalism, and other related subjects. We welcome innovative and insightful papers that explore new dimensions, challenge existing paradigms, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these areas. We eagerly anticipate your valuable contributions and participation.

1. Gender Equality in Educational Systems
2. Redefining Masculinity and Overcoming Toxic Masculinity
3. Raising Boys in a Gender-Equal Society
4. Legal Measures for Gender Equality and Accountability
5. Ensuring Inheritance Rights for Women
6. Promoting Gender and Sexual Diversity
7. Protecting Women's Human Rights
8. Women, Climate Change, and Addressing Inequality
9. Empowering Women for Social Change
10. Breaking the Cycle of Male Dominance
11. Engaging Men as Allies in the Struggle for Gender Equality
12. Women, Media, and Technological Advancements
13. Advancing Transgender Rights and Embracing Sexual Diversity
14. Celebrating Women's Success Stories
15. Cyber Feminism and its Impact on Reproductive Rights
16. Art as Activism for Gender Equality
17. Exploring Women's Spirituality and Religion
18. Addressing Trafficking and Prostitution
19. Women's Role in Politics and Public Administration
20. Women's Issues in Education, Leadership, Safety, and Health
21. Challenges and Perspectives in Women's and Gender Studies
22. Feminist Methodologies and Approaches
23. Achieving Gender Equality through Mainstreaming
24. Understanding Matriarchy and Its Relevance Today
25. Women's Studies and Its Contribution to Gender Discourse
26. Analyzing Patriarchy and Its Effects on Society
27. Leadership and Women's Empowerment

These topics, along with other related subjects, are open for exploration and discussion in the field of women's and gender studies. We encourage researchers, scholars, and activists to contribute their insights and research findings in these areas

1. Legal Theory - Exploring the Philosophy of Law
2. Positive Law and Non-Positive Law: A Comparative Analysis
3. Economic Analysis of Legal Systems
4. Sociology of Law: Understanding Law in its Social Context

Legal Systems:
5. Civil Law Systems: Structure and Principles
6. Common Law and Equity: Evolution and Application
7. Religious Law: Examining the Role of Faith in Legal Systems
8. Sharia Law: Principles and Application in Islamic Jurisprudence

Legal Subjects:
9. International Law: Addressing Global Legal Issues
10. Constitutional and Administrative Law: Exploring Government Powers and Accountability
11. Criminal Law: Studying Offenses, Punishments, and Criminal Procedures
12. Contract Law: Formation, Performance, and Enforcement of Contracts
13. Tort Law: Understanding Civil Wrongs and Remedies
14. Property Law: Rights and Regulations Over Real and Personal Property
15. Equity and Trusts: Principles and Application in Trust Law
16. Intellectual Property Law: Protection and Regulation of Creative Works and Innovations

These subjects, along with allied fields, form the foundation of legal studies. We invite legal scholars, practitioners, and researchers to submit papers and contribute their expertise in these areas.


These are various fields of education and subjects that encompass a wide range of academic disciplines and areas of study. They include:

1. Primary education: The foundational education provided to children at the primary level.
2. Secondary education: Education provided to students after primary education and before higher education.
3. Higher education: Education pursued after completing secondary education, typically at colleges and universities.
4. Vocational education: Training and education that prepares individuals for specific careers or trades.
5. Adult education: Education programs and courses designed for adult learners.
6. Alternative education: Non-traditional approaches to education, often tailored to specific learning needs or preferences.
7. Madrasa education: Education provided in Islamic schools or institutions.
8. Women's education: Education initiatives focused on empowering and educating women and girls.
9. Dance education: Instruction and training in various forms of dance.
10. Distance education: Education delivered remotely, often through online platforms or correspondence.
11. International studies: The interdisciplinary study of global issues, cultures, and international relations.
12. Journalism education: Training and education for aspiring journalists and media professionals.
13. Special education: Education tailored to the needs of students with disabilities or special learning requirements.
14. Anthropology: The study of human societies, cultures, and their development.
15. Archaeology: The study of past human civilizations through excavation and analysis of artifacts.
16. Criminology: The study of crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system.
17. Demography: The study of human populations, including their size, distribution, and characteristics.
18. Economics: The study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
19. Geography (human): The study of human populations, societies, and their interaction with the environment.
20. History: The study of past events, societies, and civilizations.
21. International relations: The study of relationships and interactions between countries and global actors.
22. Jurisprudence: The study of legal systems, theories, and principles.
23. Linguistics: The scientific study of language and its structure.
24. Pedagogy: The study of teaching methods and educational theories.
25. Political science: The study of political systems, government, and political behavior.
26. Psychology: The study of human behavior and mental processes.
27. Science education: Education focused on scientific disciplines and concepts.
28. Sociology: The study of human society, social relationships, and institutions.
29. Public Administration: The study of the implementation and management of public policies and services.
30. Journalism: The practice of gathering, reporting, and disseminating news and information.

These subjects and fields of study provide diverse opportunities for learning and research, contributing to the overall development of individuals and society.

Cultural Studies :

We are pleased to announce a call for original research papers in a wide range of disciplines including Anthropology, Archaeology, History, International Relations, Jurisprudence

Language Studies : 

We are excited to announce a call for research papers in various fields related to English language and literature. We welcome original contributions in the following areas:

  • Modern Techniques in Teaching Languages
  • Language and Dialects
  • Innovative Teaching Methods to improve Reading and Writing Skills
  • Multimedia Writings
  • Business Communication in English
  • Teaching Language through English Newspapers and Magazines
  • Benefits of Bilingualism in Teaching Language
  • Techniques for teaching Children with learning disabilities & emotional problems
  • Globalization and language learning
  • Translations
  • Linguistics
  • Socio-linguistics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Language learning and teaching
  • Literature
  • American literature – including African American literature, Jewish American literature, Southern literature
  • Australian literature
  • British literature
  • Canadian literature
  • Irish literature
  • New Zealand literature
  • Scottish literature
  • Welsh literature
  • South African literature
  • New Directions in Creative Writing
  • Traditional Writers vs Contemporary Writers
  • Teacher Research – classroom
  • Expressions in Comparative Literature
  • Post-Modern British Literature

We encourage researchers, scholars, and educators to submit their original work in these fields. Accepted papers will have the opportunity to be presented at our conference and considered for publication.

Submission of Papers

We invite participants who are interested in presenting papers at the conference to submit a soft copy of their abstract to care@edwinepc.com. The abstract should include the motivation, method of solution, and important findings of their investigation.


Please be aware that participation is limited, and we encourage early registration to secure your spot.

​Important Dates:

Last Date to Submit Abstract / Full Paper: 26/11/2023

Date of Acceptance: Two Working Days from Abstract / Full Paper Submission

Last Date to Register: 28/11/2023

Registration Fee:

Regular Conference Registration Fee: 80 £

Support :  

Flight Tickets: Our Logistics Team can assist in arranging flight tickets at the respective cost. Please contact us for further information and assistance.

Visa: For your convenience, we can help facilitate the e-visa process. Alternatively, you can also choose to procure the visa through any agency of your choice. 

Contact Us

We appreciate your interest and value your feedback. If you have any inquiries, require further information, or would like to share your suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us.

You can contact us via phone or email, and we will respond to you promptly.

Tel: +91 6262752168 Email: care@edwinepc.com

Organising Secretary 

Dr. Gregory O’Brien 

Professor  International Technological University, USA

Prof.(Dr.) Mica Thomas

Director (Academic)
Sophia University,  Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan

Prof. Pham Hung 

Foreign Trade University ,
Campus 2

Dr.Dian Eka Indriani


Lecturer & Head of IP STKIP PGRI Bangkalan
"DOAJ Ambassador & DOAJ Associate Editor

Resource Person 

Dr. Rania Lampou

Artemida, Greece
Founder of the International STEAM project "COVID-12: A life changing experience", 2019

Dr. Nisha Jobin Mathews 

Professor, Associate Degree Nursing Department San Jacinto College, Central 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, Texas 77505

Ishaya Usman Dashol 

Department of Economics, Plateau State University Bokkos, Nigeria.

Dr. Haruna Abubakar Haruna

Director: Hybrid Entrepreneurial Iniatives Nigeria.

Organising Committee 

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