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Edwin INC - Portal for Applications
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Academic News Channel is a platform focusing on educational and academic content. It aims to provide valuable insights into the lives and careers of academicians and intellectuals, sharing their experiences, challenges, and achievements. The channel serves as a resource for learning and inspiration, catering to a wide audience interested in academic and educational topics. Through interviews and features, it highlights significant contributions in various academic fields and offers motivation and guidance to its viewers

The mission of Academic News Channel is likely to be centered on disseminating educational and academic knowledge, providing a platform for intellectual discourse, and showcasing academic achievements and insights. Its vision could involve being a leading source for academic news and inspiration, aiming to bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world application, and empowering viewers with knowledge and motivation from the academic world. These aspects would align with a channel dedicated to educational and academic content.

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Hon. Dr Rajkumar Acharya 

Vice Chancellor , Awadesh Pratap Singh University , Rewa University ,MP India

Prof.(Dr.) Surendra Singh

Rani Durgawati University,Jabalpur MP India

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